Tell me I look weird



Some days the desire to conform is so great. 

The other day a friend joked that I’m good at everything. A statement that’s completely untrue but then it brought up the topic with another friend about how it’s hard having so many interests. I say that not with a toss-of-my-hair-oh-it’s-so-hard-being-amazing kind of way, but with the true struggle of narrowing down those interest. The problem with being someone who desires to do absolutely everything is that it can be so overwhelming deciding where I should devote my focus. I take the saying that the world is my oyster way too seriously!

Often times I’ll see something that someone else is doing, and being the creative imaginative person that I am, I can imagine myself doing the exact same thing as well as every single step that I would need to take to get to that point. However, just because I can imagine it, doesn’t mean I should do it. I probably don’t have a future that’s set up to sell everything I own to go live in a remote corner of the globe photographing families. No, my husband doesn’t have a passion for that and homeschooling is not for me! Yet, it’s hard to shut the door to such an amazing dream. 

This desire even translates into my business. I see other amazing entrepreneurs doing and creating incredible work and the urge to be just like them is so strong – but in my own way. However, I never became a photographer to be like anyone else. When I feel like my heart is pulling me in far too many directions in photography I’ve come to realize one simple truth:

I photograph others in the way that I would love to be photographed myself. 

There are times when I think that my photograph style isn’t right – that I should be like Joe Smith down the street because his business is booming (not a real person). Or I think that I should specialise in the thing that Mary is because look how fun that is! Yet, I always come back to what I do because it makes my heart happy. Whenever I sit at my computer to edit I have a huge smile on my face and keep high-fiving myself when I edit a photo I absolutely love.

Aberdeen, Scotland Portrait Model

I know that not everyone has the same style of photography or even likes the same style but I know, for me, I want someone to tell me if my hands look weird in photos or if my hair’s out of place or if my neck’s doing something weird. I want them to make me feel really beautiful and romantic – a version of myself I wish I saw on a daily basis. When I photograph families I want to capture real life but I also want to capture it in a way that adds a touch of gentleness and beauty to the everyday. My style is light-filled and soft.

So whenever I feel like I lose direction and get distracted by the noise that’s around me and the amazing success of others I just have to come back to who I am. What I am about? What makes me smile? 

You may not be a photographer but this message is for you too. When you feel confused about your direction just come back to the basics. What product or service would you want for yourself? What do you want others to feel or experience through you? Even if you don’t have a business, what do you want someone else to feel that you would want for yourself? Included? Wanted? Loved? Valued? Take those basic needs and use that to fuel what you do!

Not every path will bring you the same amount of happiness as the path that means you don’t need to work everyday to be someone you’re not. 

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