We believe donuts (and food) should bring happiness and joy! It should bring people together and build up the world around us. Every single gourmet donut we make is made with the highest quality ingredients we can source. So much time, energy and, dare I say, love goes into every single donut so that you are experiencing something exciting from the first bite. 

All of our flavours, fillings and combinations are homemade. Your donuts shouldn't only look good but they should also taste amazing! 


Until we work out an alternative ordering system here is how it works:

1. Monthly Donut Dates will be announced below. There are only a certain number of donuts available for each date. 

2. Monthly flavours will be listed below. You have a choice of ordering regular or vegan unless otherwise noted.

3. Use the form at the bottom to submit an ordering request. An invoice will then be sent to you to complete the payment process. Your order will not be final until payment is made.

And that's it! If you have any questions or if you're interested in ordering custom donuts for a party, wedding or gathering use the contact form below to get in touch! 

April Donut Day Ordering