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Today I was sitting doing a puzzle with my youngest. I had so many things to get done but knew that sitting down in the calm of the morning was way more important than getting my work done. And then he said he wanted to have lunch with me just as I tried to begin my work but what could I do?! How can you refuse a request like that. So sweet!

So here we are, I’m writing and he’s eating lunch. As a work at home mom I can’t completely take time off to do things with my kids every minute but I do love that I can work while I enjoy their presence. I think that’s one of the most amazing things about working at home: it’s so hard sometimes when you have little bodies that need your attention and you have a to do list a mile long but getting to share in their daily lives and do what I love is the best.

So we were doing a pirate puzzle and as we started Milo made a comment about how the puzzle was so wobbly with only some of the outside pieces in place. I said, yes it is but soon it won’t be. Then when we finished the puzzle and all of the hundred pieces were in place he says, “It’s not wobbly anymore!” I responded, “I know! That’s because we filled it all in and it makes it strong.” Immediately I realised a little life lesson in that simple statement.

Sometimes we feel like we’re just empty shells – that the pieces that make us up just aren’t there and they’re crumbling away. We feel like our outer edges are shaky and that what’s inside is not enough to create something that’s stable. Maybe it’s not! Maybe we need the help of others to strengthen that core. Sometimes all we have to give is the outer shell. Maybe that’s okay.

There are times in life when we feel like we have absolutely nothing let to give. We’re empty. Yet, I know from experience from those sleepless nights with kids when you’re truly running on fumes and you can’t even think straight to moments of losing friendships and wondering if you’re good enough to hard moments in marriage when your mind goes to darker places, how empty that shell can feel. Yet, I also know that by constantly showing up and giving what we have, even if it’s very little, that we slowly fill up again. Those outer edges are strengthened and little by little the pieces we thought we lost (nothing more frustrating than a puzzle with lost pieces!) show up again. They might not be in perfect shape like they were out of the box (many of ours have bite marks and torn bits) but they’re there and still serve a purpose.

Maybe that’s you today. If so, I encourage you to keep searching and keep showing up – keep looking for those pieces of yourself that you thought were lost. Each piece is important and deserves the search. You can’t have a completed puzzle without them.


I know that there are so many bloggers out there with amazing messages that they want to share with the world. We come at these blog posts with a heart to help people in need of encouragement and hope. I write each of my posts with the intention of reaching the one person that needs to hear it the most. If you ever like what you read in this blog I would love for you to share it. There may be more people out there who are searching for these exact words.

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