Pottery Fragments

Broken Pots

You know how we all have those items in your home that make you smile every time you look at them? For me, I always smile at the photos of my family on the walls and I always smile when I look at a few of my favourite mugs (don’t judge me!). There’s also this one thing that I used to enjoy before my cat destroyed it. 

First some background…I follow this amazing woman who sells house plants in my area and I finally decided, about a year ago, to buy one from her (really I need to buy a hundred more). She had shared on Instagram a photo of this face pot filled with plants and I just KNEW that I needed one. I think face pots with “hair” growing out the top is one of the best things ever – so joyful to look at! I bought one of these pots. However, not too long after it had settled into my office did my cat push it off the window sill dashing it to pieces. I wanted to cry. The pot is still not replaced and is in the trash. 

In my Bible study this morning I read Psalm 2. I came upon the verse “dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel”. I immediately was reminded of this poor face pot experiencing the same demise. While I know this verse is about God fighting back against the corrupt rulers of the day I wanted to know more about this potter’s vessel. Pottery played such an important role in Biblical days so I wanted to know more.

What I found was so beautiful. If we imagine that we are that vessel: a beautiful piece of pottery, whole, complete, full. But then we fall. We fall to the ground, broken. Hurting. Insecure. We’re empty. It’s not a nice place to be. I know how that feels and I imagine that if you’re reading this you know how that feels as well. 

Yet, a broken piece of pottery is never the end. In the good old days, they would take shards of pottery and use them for so many things. They would use them as paper or leave them at the wells because they would make perfectly sized cups for water. But they also took broken pieces of pottery to the public ovens to carry back a piece of coal that provided warmth and a means of cooking food for the family. Isn’t that beautiful?

We are all full of holes and fragments – some more than others. It may seem like something that is broken could never hold enough of anything to give to someone else. Yet just like this broken pottery provided warmth for families, so can you. You may only be able to do something small: carrying a piece of coal seems like a tiny thing! But it grew and provided comfort, love, safety, nourishment. Your broken pieces can give so much. 

Try letting your brokenness be an encouragement for someone else going through something similar. Your struggles may be a way of reaching out to someone who struggles like you so that they know they’re not alone. Your insecurities can fuel the encouragements that you provide other people. Don’t let your pieces stop you from carrying into the world what you are perfectly fashioned to give. 



On another note…how gorgeous is this lady?! It was such a joy photographing Julie for my Real Women Series! Photographing women in such a natural and beautiful way just make me so happy!

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