Happy Twenty-nineteen!




What an exciting, hopeful, sad, tumultuous time this is. So many mixed emotions over another year gone and with it the highs and lows of a whole year’s worth of life. But then we have the promise of a new start with a new year and 365 days of possibility and change. It’s a little overwhelming isn’t it? But oh so exciting!

In an effort to think of something inspirational to write about to carry us into the new year, I decided to change it up and bring you a video blog of the words that defined 2018 for me and the word that I carry with me into 2019. After that, I have a survey that I would LOVE for you to take and then my prayer for every single person reading this post for the year ahead! AND THEN…on top of all of that goodness, I have a January wedding discount at the end! So many exciting things in this New Year’s blog post! So enjoy! 





For 2019, this is my prayer for you reading this post today.

I pray that when you lack joy, abundant peace will flood your soul.
I pray that when you lack direction, wisdom will fill your sails.
I pray that when you need encouragement, confidence will roar from within you.
I pray that your hearts, homes and arms are full.
I pray that your life is filled people who love you and that with that love you can love others who need it most.
I pray that your heart will be guided towards the needs and hurts of others.
And most of all, I pray that 2019 is a year of beauty and amazing possibility and that you have the strength to stand strong.



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