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When someone asks me how I’m doing lately I try really hard not to respond with “busy”. Because, aren’t we all? You don’t really get any brownie points for being busy. Yet, sometimes, it’s hard to respond with anything other than that! Sometimes life is truly just busy. 

That’s been my life lately but in the best possible ways. You may have noticed a dip in my social media presence where I’ve not been posting nearly as often or even shooting as nearly as often as I’m used to! I have definitely felt the lack of a camera in my hand. But come the middle of April that will no longer be the case and I’m so excited! You see, in April my littlest starts nursery! I can’t believe it but I’m also incredibly excited to have my mornings of blogging and photography. 

But saying that, I feel like I’m at a crossroads in my business so I thought I would share some of my goals going into this child-free season. 

I always love hearing other people’s goals because sometimes they compliment my own. I love when someone has an interest in something that I’m interested in or someone has a passion in something that works alongside my own. I think there’s great strength to be derived when people help each other. 

So sometimes it’s nice to put your own goals out there because you never know how they could encourage, inspire and connect with others. There might be someone out there looking to do the exact same thing as you and you could collaborate! 

So here are some of mine for the near future: 

  1. The biggest thing on my mind at the moment is my upcoming trip at the end of August to Sri Lanka to visit the churches our church supports there. One of my primary jobs while there will be to photograph the work and community that we’re surrounded with. I have no money for this trip so am praying for a God-given financial miracle to get me there! If you’re the praying type, I’d love your prayers! The first financial hurdle is this weekend with a £100 deposit. The other £1100 is due mid-June.
  2. I would LOVE to work with more women who just want to feel beautiful in portraits.
  3. I want to collaborate with some couples to do sessions in locations I dream of photographing in. And maybe a makeup artist and hair stylist too. 
  4. I’m working with my church to begin a food bank in the Bucksburn area (if you know of anyone who needs help, tell them about us at the Beacon Centre on a Sunday morning!). I’m excited to see how this will grow and the number of lives that are affected by it.
  5. I want to keep working on food photography which leads into number six. 
  6. Keep training for half marathons this year! With the amount of baking I do, I have to keep that up! 
  7. Blog at least once a week starting in the middle of April.

I always have so many projects and ideas rolling around but, for the moment, these are my big ones! 

If any of these goals resonate with you, I’d love to hear from you! And even if they don’t, tell me some of your goals! You never know what doors might open. 

*Photo is not mine! Couldn’t find who took it to give credit!

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