Gentle Nudges



Some days, I just want to write. I feel a welling up within me that wants to create and express. But often times on those days, like today, I actually don’t know what I’m writing about. Creating feels right…but, what do I create? So I just begin knowing I’ll eventually reach a destination.

Does anyone else relate? Does anyone relate to the feeling that they know they were made for more but they question what that purpose is? You feel a life waiting to burst forth?

Goodness, how I feel my own words! It’s in those moments when I don’t know which direction to turn that I bake or take a photo or reach out to people or dream just so that I can feel my hands doing something meaningful. There is always room to dream in the waiting.

If you’re like me and you struggle with feeling like there’s so much more that you were created for take heart in knowing that every step you take is necessary to get you to where you need to go.

Over four months ago I started a job at a non-profit/charity that has always been my dream. My political science degree is finally coming in handy 10 years later. Yet, before this job I dreamed of a project that I will be sharing in a few months that I had no idea how to manage. I didn’t know how I would find the people for it or the exposure. So I waited. I sat on this vision until the day that it would come to life. Suddenly this job appeared out of the blue and provided the means to make it happen. Something I wasn’t even looking for!

That is just a short term example but I’ve seen dreams from years ago come to life through the simple process of moving forward – of trusting the vision and trusting God.

In beginning this blog post I had no direction on what I would write other than a prayer for words and a desire to write. Sometimes that’s all the direction we’re given: a little nudge. It’s deciding how we respond to that nudge that makes all the difference.

If you feel fit to burst with dreams and possibilities, just keep moving. Keep plugging away at the little things even if it seems like no one sees. Keep creating because you love the creation knowing that one day that passion will be fulfilled.

You weren’t created with your skills and passions and desires for nothing.



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