Dreams Too Scary



Have you ever had an idea that scares you? Like, an idea so big that it seems impossible to accomplish? An idea so ridiculous that you nearly scare yourself out of it?

Hello, my name is Kendall and I’m in that boat right now.

I don’t think I’ve ever been accused of being boring. Impractical and a dreamer, maybe, but boring? No. My life is never boring.

When I was in school, looking back, I created drama, or rather, I didn’t stop it because I longed for something different. I realize that’s not great but I’ve never been content with a quiet life. I’ve always longed for a big life with big dreams. I’ve NEVER been one to sit on the sidelines.

Yet, sometimes I get ideas that I know are meant to be but they scare even me who craves big plans. Right now I have three such dreams. None of which I can share at the moment but they’re there. I’m such a tease!

These dreams scare me but excite me. I believe that if a dream doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough. the Best dreams are the ones that rely on trust and a power bigger than ourselves. It’s when a dream scares us that we know we’re on the right track because it’s a dream that’s worth fighting for.

I wish I could say that whenever I’ve wanted to do something that scared me I always found the courage. But sadly, no. Sometimes our dreams can seem so overwhelming that we quit before we even begin. It’s just easier. But what’s also easy is just taking one small step. One small step takes courage and trust that the next step will become clear.

So do it! Don’t let those big scary outlandish dreams make you want to quit. That’s simply you, the devil, the world trying to tell you that you can’t do it. So if you feel like it’s all too big, that just means you’re totally on the right track.

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