Cleaning up cat pee



So our cat peed on our bed the other night. Not ideal. At all. We tried to put a collar on him for the first time in his five months of life and he did not react kindly to it. He kept trying to run away from it which only made the bell on it ring even more furiously. He tried to hide from it to no avail. So, I’m pretty sure he peed on our bed as a way of comforting himself from the stress…or so I’ve read. 

Yet not only did he pee, but he peed on our newly washed bed. As in, we had literally JUST put the duvet on it and he peed thirty seconds later. Gah! We were not happy. 

I think the fact that we were not happy mostly came from the fact that rewashing the bedding did not have a place in our schedules. With all of the things happening in our days and the things we’re trying to accomplish, pointless tasks like that just do not fit in. We simply don’t have time for them! 

However, I feel this is the story of most of our lives for one thing or another. We all choose what fits in and what doesn’t. We all choose what is most important. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again because I truly believe it: people will find a way to do/buy/experience/invest/grow in the things that are most important to them. Occasionally that’s a wake up call because sometimes the things that are most important to us get shoved aside by things that aren’t important at all. True?

There are times when I have to remind myself that the world inside my phone or social media doesn’t matter compared to the little eyes that are staring at me. 

What is your focus?

In my life as a creative business owner, I’m constantly pulled in a million directions. I have to make money, cultivate an online presence, edit, chat with clients, blog, do paperwork, educate myself, network. It’s never ending. And on top of that I work part time for an amazing non-profit that I love as well as grow myself as a baker/cook/food photographer, volunteer with my church, and be a mom/wife. I’m sure so many of your stories look the same! There isn’t enough time in the day. 

Yet, what I’ve realized is that I am the one who makes my schedule. I’m the one the one who has to decide what things should be a part of it. At times that means choosing to go on adventures with my kids despite having so many things to do around the house or meeting up with friends instead of editing. I value relationship over anything else.

I don’t always get it right. Not even close. Each moment we’re faced with a choice over what to do and each moment we can either focus on what’s most important to us or push it aside. Of course we sometimes (a lot of times) have to do things we don’t want to do. I hate cleaning the bathroom but it’s important for my family’s happiness. That’s life. But in the bigger things where you have a choice I encourage you to focus your eyes and efforts on the things that mean the most. 

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