When I was around the age of ten, I acquired a handheld encyclopaedia of dog breeds. It had all sorts of photos of different types of dogs as well as information on each one. I loved this book. I loved it so much that I decided I wanted to copy the. entire. thing. I traced each picture and hand wrote each paragraph of information. However, a week after I began my project I learned the word....plagiarism. Oh dear! How my heart was set a racing! You see, I’ve always been a proud rule follower. When I learned this word, as fast as I could I tore up my precious work and hid the evidence but knew that, somehow, I would be found out. Much to my delight, I was never caught in my accidental plagiaristic attempts. 

Not to turn a good story into a deliciously cheesy anecdote, but unlike this story I have always striven to create art that is unique to how I tell stories, to how I live my life and to what I find beautiful. Each photo I create pours out a piece of myself through the hues and flow and dance of the moment. Movement is what carries my heart and tender moments are what embody my work. When my clients laugh, you’ll see me behind my camera laughing with them. When they are crying happy tears, I’m trying to keep it together too. When they look at each other with love, my heart is gushing over. What I do and how I approach your art is uniquely you and uniquely me. No other photos can ever look like yours because, how can they? You are the only you and that deserves to be celebrated.