The Glamorous Life of a WAHM - Aberdeen, UK Family Photographer

Y'all. Seriously. Send all the coffee, donuts, artichokes, guacamole and any of my other favorite things. This work at home mom needs help. Ready for a pictorial rundown on life as a work at home mom? On the count of three everyone say what you wish for the most!, no wait, sleep, no wait, naps, no wait, wine, no wait, a vacation....sigh. Who knows....let's begin.

My Looks

So here I am when I look like a put together mom of two who runs a photography business and also puts dinner on the table at night. Aren't we just the sweetest most beautiful little family!? (Sorry, hubby, you didn't make it into the photo. Whoops.) Yes, I do always, ALWAYS have my hair curled. And yes, my children are always smiling and primped (I don't think anyone even uses that word anymore).
Yes, always.................................................

Jessica Norrell Photography

Jessica Norrell Photography


Now here's what I look like the other 90% of the time. Can anyone relate? No? Probably not, because you probably do curl your hair! Good for you! That means you need to write a book and share your secrets.

What happens to the demise of my curled hair is an elaborate sequence of events:
1. Baby pulls it.
2. Baby puts curls in mouth.
3. Baby spits up on curls.
4. Baby sneezes into hair.
5. Toddler wants to "fix" hair.
6. Humidity.
7. Husband hugs you and flattens curls.
8. Wind.
9. What the heck, it goes up into a ponytail.

Right? Anyone feel me? I'll just get a perm. You laugh. I've had three.

My Office

Ok so right now my work space is exceptionally bad. Like really bad. See next photo. Right now I'm in transition moving to Scotland so I would typically have a desk and not a 1960's card table. But it is what it is. It's a disaster. I would love to clean it but by the end of the night I have no desire to clean it because I stay up late working after my kids go to bed and have no time to clean it during the day because my kids run my life and basically say no. So all of you with your cute desks with no clutter, I envy you. One day...but before you think I'm a total slob, I'm designing my grandparents' heirloom album of our ancestors hence all the crazy photo clutter.


Work Time

Oh, you sit in a chair to work? That must be nice! I don't even know what that is anymore. I could just as well not own one. In fact, while I write this, I'm sitting on the floor so that I can be close enough to hear my grumpy grumpy child in case he wakes up. Typically I work standing up holding said child. Or I might sit down but I then usually have a baby on my lap nursing. I have become an expert at typing with one hand. Come to think of it, if you received an email from me, it was probably written with one hand. Apologies for any typos! Thank God for autocorrect, right?

But then if I'm not holding or nursing a child, I might be on the floor trying to work so that I'm at least around my kids to curb any of their fussiness. But then my computer becomes the only possible interesting object around them and the target of their little fingers. Nope, not happening. Nice try, child of mine.

And sometimes work time must involve elaborate activities to hold little fingers' attention. Sometimes they come in the form of sink baths.

My Drink of Choice

Nope not wine. But you were close. I actually don't drink a ton of coffee but when I do it must be iced. I am still perfecting the art of making my own cold brew so for now I buy cartons of it. But soon I will become my own barista and you are invited over for some coffee. As a work at home mom, the nights are so short. And by that I mean that I go to bed late and I get up early. I am driven by my deep passion for what I do. If I wasn't, do you think I would stay up? No way! I want sleep just like the next person! But I love...and I mean, LOVE...what I do. It is my pleasure to stay up working on your images! Oh, sure, I definitely want sleep. But I'll sleep when I'm in Heaven.

The In-Between

Oh, but then as a work at home mom, I get these sweet sweet cuddles. Agh, melt my heart! Working at home means snuggles all day every day. It means play time and tickles. It means being there for every first moment and milestone. It doesn't get any better. Some days I simply don't get anything done. It's just the truth of it. When you hire a work at home mom you hire us with the understanding that our priority is to our family and our kids but that that is exactly why you SHOULD hire us! These in-between moments to my business are why I do what I do. They are the reason that I photograph the way I do. They are the reason why I understand you as a mom, a woman, a wife, a grandma. Without those in-betweens, oh goodness, I don't even want to think about the woman I would be.