We were crazy to move!

Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photography

So I've been in Scotland for almost a week now and the magnitude of what we've just done in moving has finally hit. As we were going through the motions of moving it never really struck me just how huge this whole undertaking has been and just how insane we are! Obviously I realized moving is big. I mean, I've moved something like 14 times in my 29 years so of course I understand how big moving is. But it wasn't until I arrived and life calmed down a bit that I've been able to breathe and have come to the conclusion that my husband and I must be crazy. This move has been a total leap of faith. We moved because we wanted a certain lifestyle for our family. We moved because we wanted adventure. We moved because I wanted our kids to have Scottish accents. Not really but it IS going to be cute! Isla has already got one forming.

Aberdeen Scotland UK Family Photography

Yet, we're insane for undertaking this with a baby and a little girl. Here's what moving has meant...

1) We have no belongings other than clothes. We have no possessions and have to start over in furnishing and filling our house. No small task.
2) I have to start my business over. I have virtually no clients and the thought of restarting my business from scratch and getting my name out there is completely overwhelming.
3) I left all of my friends. Don't get me wrong, I have friends here from when we lived here before but I'm sad about having to start over in forming deep friendships.
4) We left our beautiful Civic Hybrid for a downgrade.
5) My family is half a world away. But at least they have the means to travel!
6) We left a church that we love. We have a new one already and we're SO excited about getting involved in our little church of 50 people.

On top of those we have to figure out a new way of life. I have to do my driver's ed test again. We have to figure out a new family schedule. So many things to do! But here's what we've gained...

1) A chance to start fresh, to declutter life, to slow down.
2) Access to the most amazing fresh fruits and veg. I used to hate peas but when you can buy them still in the pod by the bag full and you get to crack them open yourself and eat them raw, de-licious!
3) New adventures with less driving between them.
4) A doorway to all of Europe to explore.
5) Slow living. Life is not nearly as fast here as it is in the US.
6) All of the scones and pastries I could ever want.
7) The most amazing scenery right at my fingertips for all of my new families' and couples' photos.
8) Berry picking on our walks to and from school.
9) And so much more...

You could definitely say that we are crazy for undertaking such a huge transition but what we've given up in material things we've gained in experiences and life-giving adventure.

Yes, we were crazy to move. :)

Aberdeen Scotland UK Family Photography