My recipe for a good day...{mommy ramblings} - Richmond, VA and UK Family Photography

Ok, yesterday started out with this mama losing her you know what. It started out terribly with my toddler defying every word I said and a newborn crying while I'm trying to scold my toddler. I mean, it wasn't the worst morning but it wasn't great. But it then turned into one of the best days ever with a few moments of happy tears mixed in. I went to bed feeling like Super Woman after having played with my toddler, made dinner, cleaned the entire kitchen, bathed a toddler, nursed my newborn for the millionth time, changed all diapers, had story time, edited some photos, got my toddler to sleep while holding a baby, got a baby to bed early and spent time with my husband when he got home. It was a perfect evening.

I told my husband that I felt like Super Woman and he grabbed my hand and said:

"Remember this feeling for the days when you don't feel like Super Woman."

Ah, so needed that! Wise, wise words! So remember those words if you are having a rough day that there are other days when you ARE Super Woman.

And if you're having a bad day, here's what you should do:


1. Take your family on a walk. It will turn everyone's moods right around.
2. Drink your coffee outside and let your toddler dig in the dirt. Don't have a toddler on hand? That's ok, you might appreciate digging in the dirt too.
3. Blast your music way loud and have dance parties in your kitchen while you make dinner.
4. Eat lots of chocolate.
5. Watch Gilmore Girls while cuddling a newborn. If you don't have a newborn available that's okay too. Have a glass of wine on me.

So as you see, this recipe will turn any day the right side up. And then when you see your toddler telling her dog secrets with your newborn sleeping nearby you cry because life is beautiful. <3

Richmond Virginia and UK Family Photographer

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