Mr. Milo {pregnancy recap} - Richmond, Virginia and UK Family Photographer

Richmond, Virginia and UK Family Photographer

I am so excited to recap my pregnancy with Milo through such amazing photos! When I say that this post is going to be FULL of photos, I really mean that it's going to be full! I have way too many favorites from our maternity session with Anna Laero Photography! How can I possibly narrow it down?! And on top of that, I have my weekly pregnancy photos that I'm also going to post here. So get ready!

As I went about writing this post I was planning on including birth photos and our in hospital photos but realized that the blog post would be so incredibly long that no one would look at it! So I'm breaking it up into two parts: pregnancy and birth. So enjoy the first installment of many photos! :)

Week by Week

When I was pregnant with my first born, I did weekly photos of my pregnancy as well but I did what most people do which is take a photo in the same spot in my house with a sign or something that told what week it was. I definitely love being able to see the belly grow by being in the same spot. But people always told me, when you have a second baby you won't have time to take photos like you did with the first one and your second baby will get gypped on photos. Well! I was determined to prove them wrong!

My style of photography is all about telling a story. With my pregnancy with Milo, I wanted to tell the story of my pregnancy. Instead of standing in the same spot each week, I wanted each photo to tell a story of how I was feeling or what was happening during that week of pregnancy. By the time I had Milo I wanted to be able to look back at my photos and remember how I was feeling at that time. So enjoy this little recap of my weekly photos!


Maternity Session (by Anna Laero Photography)

One of my very closest friends did our maternity session when I was about 6 months pregnant. It's always hard to know when a good time is to do your photos because you want to feel great and feel like you look great too! I didn't want to be so pregnant that I couldn't even enjoy myself! I also knew that this time around I wanted to get all glammed up! I had a formal dress altered to fit my belly and had my makeup done by the amazingly talented Brittany McBean! She did such an amazing job and I really truly feel beautiful in these photos!

During our maternity session my husband also surprised me with the gender of our baby! With our daughter I chose how the gender reveal was going to happen but this time my husband wanted to plan it and surprise ME with it. Oh man, was it tough! He knew for MONTHS before he told me! There were a few times that he almost let it slip and did every now and again let our clues without even realizing it so I basically knew we were having a boy. Whoops!

So when we arrived at the park that we were going to have photos done at, Scott asked if we could make a detour and said that there was an amazing spot for photos that he wanted to check out. Having a feeling that something was up, I agreed to let him have his way. Once we arrived at the spot I looked up and saw a tree full of 500 blue paper cranes! He had been working on these for months by himself and some of his coworkers! My blue dress just happened to be a coincidence! And a happy one because I almost chose a blush colored dress!

I'm just in love with these photos and think that Anna did such an amazing job!! And I love the Scottish feel that we decided to infuse them with. My husband is Scottish just in case there was any confusion. ;-)