The Pearson Family {Gleniffer Braes Country Park} - Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photography

Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photographer

This family...honestly...the sweetest and the cutest! They were worth the twelve-hour journey to photograph them! Let me back up...

Aberdeen Scotland UK Family Photographer 2.jpg

The Pearson family contacted me for a session but felt that it was too far to travel to Aberdeen (a three and a half hour drive) with a three year old. I tooootally get the feeling! But knowing that they would be too cute to pass up, I drove to them! It was like a mini day vacation away from the house for me!

I left the house at 6:45am, arrived at our location at 10:00am, photographed them until 11:45am, sat in Starbucks until 2:30 editing all of their photos, drove to their house to present them with their photos, they placed their fabulous print ordered after swooning over their photos and then I drove home, arriving at 6:30pm for Indian food! It was a full on but amazing day! The weather cooperated amazingly considering it was forecasted for lots of rain. So not only was the weather perfect, our location was dreamy and their outfits were on point!

I loved every minute with this family and am thrilled to share their photos with you!