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I was scrolling through Old Joy's Instagram posts tonight (if you haven't followed her, you should! Love the things she says!) and came across one of her posts that completely hit me. She spoke of social media and our need to post only the perfect moments. She spoke of how odd it might seem if our moms posted daily, perfectly curated moments of our lives growing up. And as I mulled that over, it suddenly hit me: yes, yes it would be and what a completely unattainable example of motherhood it would give.

From my viewpoint, in the here and now, I'm merely posting the memories and moments that I want to remember but that will also (if I'm honest) be inspiring to others. But what good is that inspiration if my own children in the future look at the photos I've shared and words I've written but feel they can never live up to the seemingly perfect mother I was?

I'm like anyone else! I want to portray the best parts of myself and my life - the pretty parts - perhaps in the hopes that those insecure aspects of myself will slowly be smothered by the good I choose to show. Lately, my heart and mind has been focused so much on the legacy I want to leave my children - and what good is a legacy if there is no honesty? I need my children to see my HONEST living. I need my children to see my HONEST failures. I need my children to see my HONEST best efforts and my HONEST successes.

I can't promise that my sharing on social media will always be completely transparent but I do need to share more snippets of the daily struggles so that I can leave my children little gems of guidance.

Follow the hashtag #billowingmotherhood and let's join together as a tribe of mamas just trying to leave behind a legacy of authentic honesty. Why "billowing" you might ask? I love the image the word billowing brings of something rising up within us to where it pours outward in huge splendor.

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