Weekly Catch-up [august 5] - Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photographer

It has been so great being back home with my kids after our first trip away from them. It made my mama heart sad but it did the adventurous woman in me a world of good. It felt nice to be free of major responsibility, free from a child pulling up my shirt to nurse, free of having to wear fifty hats at once. The free spirit in me needed this chance to explore and see the world.

Burgas, Bulgaria


Since the age of ten my life revolved around visiting and living in other cultures. We were constantly in a state of discomfort and dichotomy as we figured out how to navigate unfamiliar territory and culture. It was this experience that took a backburner when adulthood took over and travel became something we couldn't afford. Hence why we moved back to Scotland where the world feels at our fingertips!

Travelling to Bulgaria last weekend reawakened in me the thrill and emotional side of travel that I had been surpressing to keep my heart from bursting with longing. I have dreams that involve travel that I have never spoken out loud because it's not the time but one of my deepest dreams is photographing families in their countries. Other photographers dream of destination weddings, I dream of destination families.


One day...


I would love to say that this week has been one of relaxation and refreshment but I've had a one year old screaming at me since we get home. Let's just it's time to wean this fiery little guy. Wish me luck!

day 25.

day 25.


And don't expect a lot of Mamahood 365 photos in this post because I have been one burnt out mama!