Cambodia, Italy and Mamahood [weekly update] - Aberdeenshire, Scotland Family Photographer

Aberdeenshire, Scotland Family Photographer 

This week has been all about preparing for our upcoming trip to Bulgaria! We are so excited! It will be the first time we are away from both kids for longer than 24 hours. As I told my husband and a friend today, I oscillate between extreme excitement about photographing a sweet friend getting married in a new country and complete dread over leaving the kids behind. That's mom life, am I right? "Take my kids! Give me rest... no wait, bring them back!"

But I'm so excited. Excited over new sights, new foods, hot sunshine, no parenting, the beach. Bulgaria was never on my radar to visit until I was asked to photograph my friends wedding and I started googling photos. Yes please!

I also got back into my "Cooking Through the World'' project this week with Italy and Cambodia being our counties. Last week we also did Malawi so I'll include that here too. (See the end of the post for recipes followed.)


We had friends over for dinner on Sunday night and, as is tradition in my family home, we host homemade pizza night. We invite people over, have a million toppings to choose from and everyone makes their own pizzas. So we decided to start that tradition in our home. The pizzas may not be Italian replicas but you've never had pizza until you've had homemade pizzas with pesto, yummy cheese, veggies, and olive oil and salt on the crust.

Aberdeen Scotland Food Photographer


Aberdeen Scotland Food Photographer

Then last night we had Cambodian food. I had been preparing this food for almost three days! On the first day of the dish, Bai Sach Chrouk, I made homemade pickled cucumbers, carrots and radishes. I confess, I forgot to add slices of ginger that I know would have greatly changed the taste of the meal. Then the day before we made the meal I marinated the pork for about 18 hours. We then grilled the pork shoulder and put it on top of rice with green onions, pickled veggies and chicken broth. Soooo yummy!

Aberdeen Scotland Food Photographer

I love all the foods we are getting to try! I know I can never totally do them justice but at least we're exploring and my kids have eaten every single thing!


The last meal we've had so far is from Malawi. It is a maize based dish that you eat aside different relishes like the tomato and kale one I made. you grab a chunk of cooked maize and scoop up the relish. I have to say, I was the only one that went plate and fork-less. Everyone else was lame! But regardless, it was tasty and super simple.

Aberdeen Scotland Food Photographer

That's it for food for now but enjoy this week's installment of Mamahood 365 moments! Sadly a couple of days were missed when I didn't really see my kids or simply forgot. This is a complete schedule change so I forget to factor it in to my day! But at least I'm trying! And thank you to everyone who's given me such encouragement with this project! It means so much that people are inspired by what I'm doing!

Until next week!