Mamahood 365

Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photographer

I have a slight obsession with my kids. Is that okay to admit? But I'm sure I'm not alone in my obsession over my own children. Because of these feelings I decided to start a new project. I am still cooking my way through the world, never you fear! Up this week is a meal from Malawi. But I digress...

While sitting in my kids' room waiting for them to fall asleep I suddenly had this overwhelming need to capture each day with my kids. Maybe you're like me and you have the worst long term memory. I blame it on moving so many times in my life. It was a survival tactic. By not allowing myself to think of where and who I just left behind it made it easier to move on. I'm what they call a third culture kid. A kid who identifies with one culture (in my case American) but grew up in cultures other than their own. It is the most amazing gift I could have ever been given but with it came the heartache of leaving so many people behind. Yet thank God for social media because I can follow so many old friends lives which I honestly love and our paths can cross anywhere in the world. LOVE IT!

But like I said. this amazing gift came with the side affect of blocking out a lot of my life because the pain of loss was too great. So now I earnestly seek to hold on to every moment I have even though I know I can't. I want to look back and remember the small things in our days like bath time escape artists and tickly toes at shoe time. I want my kids to see how we loved, laughed, played and did life together. Because of this I have decided to take a photo a day with my kids.

Now, these are not just phone photos or selfies.These are real photos of real moments in our day captured with my real camera. Does this project sound daunting and very easy to fail at? absolutely. I'm exhausted just thinking about it but I'm so excited for the end result! I admit I've only been doing this for just over a week and have already missed two days because I forget. It's a lifestyle change for sure!

So enjoy the first glimpses of what this project will look like and cheer me on as I do my best to make this project a monumental memory!

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