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My thirtieth birthday was last month and one of my only requests was that I received new cookbooks as one of my gifts. So when my dad gifted me an Amazon gift card, you can bet that I spent a fair amount of it on cookbooks! And I am so excited about the ones I chose.

Bookstores are a dangerous place for me to be. My cookbook wish list is growing arms and legs at this point! People always wonder where I find the recipes I make and my answer is usually Pinterest but I would love to get to a point where my cookbooks and my recipe binder (oh yes, I've started one) are the only things I consult.

Aberdeen Scotland UK Food Blogger

But back to this recipe binder, I had so many recipes floating around that I decided to begin a recipe catalog. Whenever I do find a recipe on Pinterest, in a magazine, in the store that I've tried and loved I will print it, tear it out, collect it and file it. My recipes are one of my happy places. Food, food, yummy food.

For today, Malagasy food is on the menu. Malagasy food is food from Madagascar. Choosing a recipe from this country was hard because Madagascar has been influenced by so many countries making it a melting pot of food (no pun intended). However, I chose the food Romazava which is a tomato-ey, beefy, leafy soup. So incredibly simple but so comforting on this crazy windy day. I ended up serving it with rice because I wanted a bit more bulk and also because - or so I read - Malagasy food is dominated by rice.

This is a soup that I will absolutely pull out again on a rainy day when I need a super easy, super quick meal!

Recipe followed:

Aberdeen Scotland UK Food Blogger Malagasy Romazava