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One eye open.
Two eyes open.
Two child eyes looking into mine.
Deep breath in.
Salty sea air fills my lungs.
Life by the sea.

I love waking up to the salt sea filling our room through our open windows. I love the sound of the wind whipping around our house knowing we're safe inside. I love opening the curtains to take in the view of open space, sea, river, greenery, sand. It is the perfect place to live.

There are plenty of mornings when I wake up completely unready to start my day but that first deep breath of sea air makes refreshes my soul. I love the sea.

Last night my husband and I took a long walk on the beach: our beach. The colors of the sunset were magnificent but I vowed that I would not take my camera so that I could relax in our kid-free evening knowing that I had my phone as a backup. Sadly it died and my memory is the only place holding snapshots of that evening sky with its perfect pastel colors reflected onto the sea and shore as birds peck at the newly uncovered food. Sometimes (very often) my hearts shatters at the beauty I get to see around me every day. I love this place.

I don't like sharing iPhone photos on my website but I just had to share this photo of this AMAZING spot that I found. I have this long list of places that is ever growing of locations I'd love to use for sessions. So I'm going to put this location out there and if upon booking your session you'd love to be photographed here just let me know! Can't you just imagine you or your family's reflection in that water?!

Aberdeen Scotland Photographer

But I digress...we also finished off that evening with pizza because neither one of us felt like cooking. That's probably because the night before I had a major educational cooking moment when I made boiled dumplings for the first time! My country of choice for this week was Georgia which is located over by Turkey. The food I chose to cook to represent Georgia was 'Khinkali'. If you've ever had perogies they are similar to that but take on a different shape.

They are full of pork and beef with chopped onion. This recipe was no cake walk and I know that next time I make them I will do a much better job but oh. my. goodness they were to die for! If you make them right the meet and water inside the dumplings will release a broth while they cook so that you are supposed to bite off the corner of the khinkali, drink out the broth and then eat the rest. It's like a self-contained soup. Mine did not have enough water. Maybe next time I will add more water or include a meat that would release more liquid. They were still amazing though! Khinkali dinner party, anyone?

So if you're feeling adventurous tonight and want a semi-easy and cheap meal, try your hand at Khinkali! My whole family gobbled them all right up meaning I couldn't even get a good photo! Seems to be a daily problem. I'll take it as a compliment?

Recipe I followed:


Aberdeen Scotland Food Photographer Georgia Khinkali