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I feel like the luckiest person alive to live in the beautiful place that I live. I never thought I would live in Scotland again. We always said that we would never move back. Yet, only six short years later and we were right back here but with kids in tow. Funny how life works!

The house we live in is the same house we lived in when we got married which I always said I wanted to own one day. This house is so special to me and so sentimental and I'm overjoyed that I get to raise my kids here by the seaside. Every day I look outside my window and I catch my breath. I absolutely adore it here.

Last night was the first time that my husband and I have been kid-free since Isla was born in 2013. We went away to New York in 2015 but I was six months pregnant so I don't consider that to be a completely kid-free trip since all the walking made it feel like I was going to give birth any second. Not so enjoyable! I actually remember needing to go to the bathroom after walking 10 miles and crying because I was so scared that I was going to give birth right there in that stall. It was a terrifying moment! But I digress...

Last night we went on a much needed date for pizza and wine and then this morning I've continued to be kid-free meaning that I had the slowest and quietest morning and even had time for an hour and a half walk on the beach collecting sea pottery. I am all about sea glass but sea pottery is really where it's at! I think it's so beautiful and truly like a treasure. Maybe that's the short-term Biblical Archaeology major in me loving imagining the stories behind these fragments. 

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After this wonderful morning that allowed me to recoup and slow down, I made some delicious Bhutanese food for dinner. Not sure where Bhutan is? You'll find this small country over by India and Nepal. It looks like an incredibly stunning country and I hope that one day I'll get closer than just cooking this one dish!

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When researching Bhutanese food I found out that they are obsessed with VERY spicy, chili-laden food and cheese - more specifically, yak's cheese. Well, I don't do spicy because I'm a wimp and I can't get a hold of yak's milk. Soooo I had to choose a recipe that is still really popular in Bhutan but is not spicy and has a different type of cheese. The dish is called Shamu Datshi and literally means mushrooms and cheese. I'm so excited about this simple and delicious dish! I also had to sadly replace the red rice that Bhutanese food is known for because I couldn't get a hold of it here, but if you can where you live you should buy it because it's apparently packed full of amazing vitamins!

I know my photo makes the food look less than appealing, but honestly it's SO good. Next time though I would choose a different cheese than feta for the recipe because it ended up too grainy once melted down. But definitely worth a try!


Recipe followed:

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