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One of the things that I'm absolutely loving about this "Cooking Through the World" project already, even though I'm only four countries in, is how it's forcing me into unfamiliar realms of cooking. I have never cooked pork belly. Not necessarily by choice but just because it was never something that was on my radar to cook. I've had it served to me plenty of times and always found it so delicious...if the fat is rendered right that is! Otherwise, it's just chewy! But then I decided to tackle Colombian food and one of their staples is pork belly. Well, let's just say, last night we ended up ordering pizza for dinner.

Aberdeen Scotland Lifestyle Blogger Colombian Food
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Let me back up a few steps; dinner did not turn out badly, I simply did not know what went into cooking pork belly and therefore assumed that I could turn the oven on that night and roast it. How wrong I was! I had been in the kitchen since 2:30 preparing the other components of the dish, Bandeja Paisa, like the arepa dough, the carne en polvo, and the kidney beans when I finally came to the pork belly and found out that pork belly needs to rest/dry out in the fridge over night. Whoops! Who knew?! People who make pork belly all the time, that's who!

So needless to say, we did not have our delicious Colombian food because I opted to carry out the recipe correctly. But what it did mean was that tonight's dinner was basically done! Woohoo! Prep done a full 24 hours in advance!

Now, to actually comment on how AMAZING the food was...I don't mean to toot my own horn but my pork belly was melt in your mouth, heavenly. I nailed it! Ok, tooting done...but in all honesty, I wasn't sure how this dish would turn out, if I would like it or if my kids would even eat it. But they did! Every component complemented each other and each bite was the perfect balance of salty, creamy, citrusy, savory-ness. It was quite a bit of prep work but it's a meal that is the perfect comfort food.

Recipes I followed:
(for the pork cooking method only, excluding the ingredients. I went with a salt and sugar rub.)

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