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I love coffee. I really love coffee. But more specifically, I have a huge love of the iced vanilla latte. And even more specifically, Starbucks’ iced vanilla latte. Say what you will, I do love me some Starbucks! However, here in Aberdeen it is not an easy venture to just pop on over to Starbucks. It’s an effort to park and you probably have to pay for it and we definitely don’t have drive through ones (OK, there is one but it’s really out of the way unless I need to go to IKEA). Therefore my consumption of these iced vanilla latte’s has gone way way down to maybe one a month. Until now. Today I decided to whip up some vanilla simple syrup. Why I haven’t done this before? I really don’t know. I have been carrying out this vanilla pod (not literally carrying it around) for months and months wondering what I should use this precious ingredient in. I wanted something fool proof so that this pricy ingredient didn’t go to waste. Enter the vanilla syrup. It is delicious and warming and oh so beautiful to look at.

Now I am armed with the ingredient I need to make my delicious drink. I may not have the appropriate weather for it but I do have the goods. I just need to figure out how to pour it without making a big sticky mess.

Aberdeen Scotland Food Blogger

Iced vanilla latte’s have nothing to do with tonight’s country of choice for dinner unless you’re discussing the use of spices in Latvian food which means that it’s a very short discussion. Latvia is a smaller country nestled between Lithuania and Estonia sharing a border with Russia. Back in the day they were serfs - in other words slaves - of the Russians and very poor. They lacked money to buy fine ingredients like spices for their food. Hence, their cuisine became dominated by the use of potatoes, pork (all parts), dill, herring, lentils and heavy, heavy ingredients. It was comfort food at it’s heart, I’d say!

On this dreary day we’re having here in Northeast Scotland (yesterday), I thought a nice soup would be a great finish to the day. Latvian meatball soup promises to be comforting and hearty. And it was absolutely that. It was simple, delicious, and wholesome. The recipe called for dill as the garnish with dill being an essential ingredient in Latvian cooking but I didn't have it for various reasons. So imagine that my parsley is dill.

This is one fantastic and easy soup that is perfect for everyday cooking!

Here's the recipe I followed:

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