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Cooking was never…what would you say…a natural talent of mine. My husband loves recalling the story of the worst dinner I had ever made him. Cooking was never something I really even liked doing either. It actually caused more stress than it was worth.

When my husband and I got married I assumed the role of chef (I use that term incredibly loosely) because he was working all day and I was not. But what would happen more often than not was that I would cook a meal in the evening, relax knowing I had done my job, go about the next day and then panic when 3:00 came around and I had nothing planned and nothing but cereal in my house. Thus began my downward spiral into hating cooking because I was constantly stressed!

However, this one time, I did plan ahead and decided that I wanted to be a little bit adventurous and try a recipe that looked…weird…but had to taste good because it was in a cookbook. Big mistake. So there I was opening my little Betty Crocker cookbook (worst cookbook in the world, I might add) prepared to make this pear and onion gratin. Now, there are other recipes floating around for this same type of dish that I’m sure are de-licious but this was certainly not one of them. Let’s just say, upon arriving home, my husband was less than thrilled about this pale, soupy, mushy, completely tasteless dinner. I don’t know why - who doesn’t want baby food for dinner? But nevertheless, it ended up in the trash and we picked up Indian.

My husband still loves retelling this story but it has begun to grow arms and legs. What started out as a pear and onion gratin has now turned into a pear, onion, mushroom and blue cheese gratin that came alive and tried to eat him. I’m just kidding but he has begun exaggerating the story slightly.

We then come to present day after a move to California where my husband planned on pursuing a career as a chef (he was definitely the more food oriented one) to me once again taking over the cooking for our family but with such a deep love of food and the cultures behind the cuisines.

When this project of cooking my way through the world popped into my head it was simply a natural progression of what I already do for my family on a weekly basis. I am constantly preparing and they are constantly eating foods that they’ve never been exposed to from places around the world as I delve into my roots as a Third Culture Kid growing up eating these different foods and wanting so badly to travel to all of these countries to eat my way through them.

This week’s country of choice was Serbia and the meal of choice was Pljeskavica. If you, like me, know nothing about Serbian food, this is one food that you MUST try - and I strongly stress the MUST. Pljeskavica is a massive Serbian style burger with a thin paprika beef and pork patty nestled inside flatbread and topped with sweet pickles, onions, homemade ajvar sauce, and homemade kejmak. Ajvar is an absolutely scrumptious sauce of roasted red bell peppers and eggplant (aubergine) blended with olive oil and garlic. Kejmak is a homemade cheese that takes 36 hours to make combining whole milk, heavy cream and salt. Seriously, though. This burger will make you die and go to heaven.

I sadly did not get a very good photo of it because my family was hangry and the food didn’t stick around long enough for it be photographed. My family basically stood behind me chanting “food” while I took five minutes to take some photo. So enjoy the only photo that turned out! Haha

Here are the recipes I followed for this DELICIOUS meal!!

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Pljeskavica Serbian Burger