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Aberdeen, Scotland Lifestyle Blogger

I am so excited to announce my newest project!! It's no secret that I love cooking and that I love cooking foods that I've never had before. I am always up for a new food adventure and hate cooking the same recipe twice (unless I crazy love it!). What is also no secret is that I love traveling and wish that I could base my traveling around eating. However, since I know that I can't travel everywhere and eat all the foods, I am going to cook my way through the world! So. Pumped!

I know that I could never cover all of the amazing foods in every country but I am going to attempt to at least cook one special dish from each place while sometimes using ingredients that I'm unfamiliar with or am scared of! If you have any recommendations of dishes I should try leave a comment below with the country and dish! I'm excited to try what you recommend and expose my kids to even more exciting foods!

To kick off this project, last night I started with Korea and made a chicken bibimbap - super simple, delicious and my family loved it. I know that I need to try making kimchi but for now this fresh little dish will do for Korea.

I'm so excited to have you along for the ride! Now I just need to source a map I can color in and it's full steam ahead!


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