We're all a bit odd - Aberdeen, Scotland Motherhood Blogger

Aberdeen, Scotland Motherhood Blogger

I spent the day in Edinburgh.

I was no tourist since I was there on business but I did allow myself to indulge in some touristy moments and people watching. I have a deep love for small towns and living right on the edge of larger cities, yet, I love the hustle and the pedestrian dance that comes from major cities. I love watching people flit from direction to direction as they go on their way - each person’s journey meeting with the next person’s journey in a fleeting way.

The ‘thank you’ and smile as someone holds the door open.
The sideways dodge before stepping on someone’s feet.
The awkward eye contact.
The pedestrian dance.

It’s funny watching others take photos and it often makes me wonder what people think when they see me doing the same: "what in the world is she taking a picture of?". It fascinates me what people choose to take photos of - what they choose is important for them to remember. To you and I that window in that building might be nothing more than just that but to someone else it holds mysteries of something unknown inside or a memory from long ago.

Cities are funny places, aren’t they? So many funny characters living in one place. But, I mean really, every single one of us is a bit odd aren’t we?

My heart melts as I watch a dad with his two sweet girls sitting in the same cafe as I two tables away waiting for their mother to finish working. I watch the youngest girl tenderly play with her stuffed animal tiger while the older girl mischievously hides under the table. It makes me miss my own babies 100 miles away as I wait for my very late train to arrive. But I love that I’ve had this day to myself to explore, be silent, and spend some time just being me. It's in these quiet, no-one-knows-me-here moments that you learn so much how about who you are and what you hold sacred.

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