Lang time, nae see...some might say - Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photography

Coffee is brewing.
Gilmore Girls is playing.
The house is quiet (except for a one year old having a meltdown).
The view out my office window is calming and pleasant to the eye.
Laundry is done.
Hearts are full.

As of two weeks ago we are officially in our home and settling into life: sweet, simple life. It has been quite the year of change. Since February 2016 we have added a member to our family, rehomed our beloved pets, sold/gave away 90% of what we owned, applied for a UK visa, moved in with my mom, said goodbye to friends, said goodbye to my husband and daughter as they left for Scotland without me for ten of the hardest weeks of my life, been denied a visa, moved in with my grandparents, flew to Scotland for three months to see my family, joined a church and small group, made friends, moved back in with my grandparents, applied for my visa again, celebrated Christmas with my family in the US, sorted through the rest of what we owned and finished up paperwork, said goodbye to friends again, closed up my business, been granted a visa, moved to Scotland, moved in with my in-laws, built a house, started my business, lost my grandma, and had friends visit. Let’s not forget sleep deprivation and periods of being ill. So this is only 50% of what happened in the past year!

There’s been a lot of coffee consumed, let’s just put it that way!

So when I say that we are now living the simple life, it is completely that. I feel like I’ve emerged from the fog that is this past year as Super Woman. I’m stronger, more patient, and able to grant myself grace a little easier than before.

Aberdeen Scotland Family Photographer

This photo here? I know, it may seem a little random but this photo encapsulates everything: being a mumpreneur where it's normal for my desk to be covered in building blocks, lots of coffee, my laptop for work, a desk that my husband custom designed for me which is just one of many furniture projects for our house, and my chairs that I restored from hours of scouring resale websites trying to fill our house back up.

But I’m back. I’m here. And I’m ready to knock my dreams out of the park! Maybe part of my gusto comes from listening to “Let It Go” at the moment (the African cover version…SO good!) or the fact that I am so excited about having my life back but regardless, so much of life is about showing up and giving it all you have and loving others along the way. I am jitteringly ready to push my business as far as it can go, use it to love on this world and give my kids the best version of myself I can.

So with that, I say hello again after a long while away from blogging and can’t wait for you to join me on our Scotland adventure through authentic storytelling, wanderlust, food creations, and family moments. Happy Wednesday!