Heirloom Album

This sweet little 8x8 album has been an absolute labor of love. This is a project that has taken me (with the help of the best grandparents in the world) six months to complete. I started working on this album while waiting on my UK visa to be approved (which it was not) as a project to pass the weeks. This was a monumental task! But through this massive undertaking, I learned so much about my family history such as that Remembrance and Thankful are actually family names. I know, right?!

Aberdeen Scotland UK Wedding Album Designer

This album came from a desire of my grandma's to create an album that would tell some of the story of our family heritage. The goal was to have each one of my aunts and uncle receive a copy that they could pass down to their children. Thankfully the family trees for both sides of the family were already completed so that cut out a lot of the work! My husband then took the information and redesigned it to look more modern and we fixed some of the dates through our own research so that it didn't look like certain family members were only twelve years old when they had children! Simple research errors!

Aberdeen Scotland UK album designer

My grandparents and I then scoured through photo after photo and slide after slide to compile the photos that made it into this album. I then broke the album up by side of the family with the album beginning with my grandpa's family tree, then moving on to his grandparents, his parents and then himself. I did this with my grandma's side too. It then ends with their engagement photos, wedding photos, and photos of married life with the very last photo in the album being my grandma pregnant with my uncle, her first child.

Aberdeen Scotland UK Album Designer 2.jpg

This album is my little pride and joy! It is beautiful and sentimental and incredibly precious to me. This is the copy that my relatives all received with mine coming later once I decide on a cover choice! And now that this one is done, in the next few days I will begin the album for my dad's side of the family! This one will be way more complicated because the family history is not so straightforward.

Aberdeen Scotland UK Wedding Album Designer

And project "album bookcase" continues! Cannot wait to have my bookcase full of yearly, wedding, birth, and heritage albums!

Aberdeen Scotland UK Wedding Album Designer