A love letter to my daughter - Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photographer

Oh my dear girl...

When you say you love me more than I love you, your eyes will never pool with tears like mine do.

When you cuddle me at night and stroke my hair, your heart will never explode like mine does.

When you tell me I'm your best friend, you will never swell with pride like I do.

One day you'll grow up to have kids of your own and you'll understand the intense love, fear, pride and joy that I feel over your existence. This world needs your spunk, charm, weirdness, sweetness and determination. And so do I.

This world will try to tell you how to dance and how to fit in and how you should think but you were meant to be just as you are. Your crazy hair will one day not be cute to you and your ridiculous silly faces will be found weird but my prayer is that you fight to stay true to yourself. I pray you surround yourself with people that make you feel valued, loved and accepted for who you are in all your crazy beauty.

Lately you have been a hard-headed, stubborn three year old which I know comes with the territory. You're discovering who you are and who you want to be and I love watching you become a little girl and can't wait to see the woman you become. As hard as this stage is with you and as much as I want you to stop talking back I also want you to continue to fight so that you pave your own path in this world.

Today you said that you love everybody and not just your family and friends. This world will try to teach you that not everyone deserves love, but my dear girl, hold on to that child-like innocence as long as you live. You show the world what it means to love every single person you encounter with all your heart and with all you have. Be a shelter for the hurting. Be a voice for the helpless. Be a cheerleader for the beaten-down. Be a crutch for the broken. Let your legacy say that you loved fiercely and passionately and with every waking breath.

I see in you a huge heart and a determination that will make you a force to be reckoned with.

You're a fire cracker, a drama-queen, a second mother, a teacher, a cheerleader, and an over-flowing cup of sweetness.

I would choose you a million times over.

You are mine forever and I'm the luckiest mom alive.