Between the woohoos and oh no's...

Today has been tumultuous. I kind of feel like that's a major understatement but let me back up.

Yesterday, my husband called the visa helpline to find out if there was any more information on my UK visa situation. (If you haven't been following my journey, a two second recap: I've been separated from my three year old and my husband for nine weeks now while I wait on my visa to be issued to allow my baby boy and me to move to Scotland with them.) Well, turns out a decision had been made and that they would be shipping out my passport that day or the next. Yay! So excited! Great news! But the thing is is that they don't tell you the decision on your application until you receive it or until you see a refund in your bank account for the amount that you paid for your national healthcare which means they pretty much denied it. So until then you are in limbo just hoping and praying that it comes through.

And then we come to today. I wake up and there are the perfect little emails in my inbox telling me that 1) my application has been decided upon and 2) my passport has been shipped out. Yay! So excited! Great news! I have my flight booked for Tuesday so bring on Tuesday!

And then....I get out of the shower and check my email again. And there next to my happy emails is the email telling me that my healthcare fee was returned. My heart stopped and the tears began. A lot of them. My application might possibly be denied. All I can do now is wait until I receive all my paperwork back on Monday to see what the story is and why they denied it. I went from being on top of the moon about leaving to sinking so low and then coming back up to a middle of the road emotion.

In case you're wondering, yes, I can travel on Tuesday if I want to. I can go be reunited with my family but the process after this is so uncertain and I might have to come back to the US in three months to apply again. No decisions can be made until I see what those forms say that will either tell me I need to reapply with more proof of things on my application or even tell me that I applied for the wrong type of visa. Don't you just love government websites that make NO SENSE?!

So friends, pray for my sanity. Pray that I keep my cool in these next few days waiting to get my passport. Pray that God works miracles. God still has my back and everything will work out in some way, somehow. Until I know more I can't even speculate (which is what I do best) about the problem or the solution. I am desperate to see my little girl and hope that I can fly out on Tuesday.

But patience. Patience. This journey feels like a big ol' squiggly line but I know the end result will be so sweet.

Geez louise, I'm tired. Send coffee and encouragement and whatever else you might have up your sleeve because I am one emotionally burnt out mama.

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