Here's to you, you blog readers!

Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photographer

Guys, I am so overwhelmed by the amount of love I have received during this time of separation from my family and also just general love and encouragement about blogging! I NEVER enjoyed blogging. Seriously. It wasn't until I rebranded my website that I decided I would blog for me and would write about what touches my heart the most. I always thought I needed to blog what other photographers were blogging but it just never felt like me. Don't get me wrong, I love blogging my sessions and love showing off the families and couples I photograph. Of course I do! But my love of blogging comes from the struggles and the joys in the day to day.

In high school I was a decently good writer. Sometimes I enjoyed writing and sometimes I didn't. Obviously it's totally different when you have to write about a subject you aren't passionate about but the idea of writing just for enjoyment was a foreign concept. I struggled to keep personal journals going. I struggled to tell stories. All I could write well were emails to friends and handwritten notes to boyfriends! Can I get an amen? Anyone else write notes during class to pass to friends/boyfriends during break? I would have gotten an A++ in that class! Don't worry, Mom, I graduated with honors.

I pitied those people whose goal it was to write a book or be an English major. Blegh! No thaaaank you. No offense to you if that is your goal. ;) I'm sure there are people who look at what I do and think it's just the worst career choice and nothing could be less enjoyable but, man, how things change sometimes.

So thank you to every single person that has written to me telling me that they read every blog post I publish and are encouraged by what I write. Thank you to every single person that has confirmed this calling for me of blogging about real life. And thank you to every single person who hasn't spoken anything out loud but continue to read my posts. I love that I get to do this for you. I can't wait to see where this completely unexpected writing journey takes me and am so thankful for each person that continues to be God's little voice of encouragement to keep going even when it feels like my blog is just one more little drop in the ocean of bloggers.

Muwah! I love you all so much!

Jessica Norrell Photography

Jessica Norrell Photography