Life in slow motion

Our days are slow. Delightfully slow in fact. I sit here with a baby asleep on my lap while I type and a little girl quietly enjoying a game on the iPad (no judgements please). The day wasn’t all like this but instead of telling stories of how I lost my temper this morning or how my baby tipped over a TV tray onto himself with a mug that broke into a bunch of pieces, I’ll tell stories of berry picking and beautiful walks.

Each day (when the weather is good) I walk two miles to drop my daughter off to school and two miles to pick her up along the most beautiful stretch of trail surrounded by big sky views and rolling hills. Fields upon fields line all sides either growing winter crops, hay for horses or simply left wild making the landscape maintain a magical and untamed feel. I hear only the gravel move under my feet and the stroller as the wind blows through the trees and plants while birds chatter. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, in the sunshine, Scotland is glorious.

The walk to school is chilly but refreshes me after a night of sleeplessness from a seven month old baby cutting a tooth. I breathe in the crisp clean air and sigh. I relish this alone time where my only companions are my children and the nature around me with only a tiny little village in the distance that is our destination. I’m in my own little pocket of the world. The sun sets just for me right out my kitchen window at night with the most glorious view of fields and wind turbines. My family laughs all around me and everything is complete.

Our lunchtime walk home is one of the most special times of the day with my daughter. She runs to me when I pick her up from school and we begin the walk back that takes way longer than it should. The left side of the trail is lined with bush after bush of blackberries. We stop at every single one searching over and under for a berry better than the last. We cringe at the sour ones and dance over the sweet fat ones. I look like a big child but any type of berry is my absolute favorite. And picking berries is like hunting for treasure.

We talk about her day and what she wants to bring for show and tell. She excitedly chatters with Milo and frolics along the path ahead of me. She looks back at me with the biggest smile and my heart stops because she’s mine. She tells me stories of school and greets each dog that walks past us.

We finally reach the end of the berry patch and continue our walk home discussing what we’ll have for lunch and getting mad at the wind for blowing our hair. Isla kisses my hand repeatedly while holding it and I know that this berry picking time means just as much to her as it does for me.

Aberdeen Scotland UK Family Photography Photographer