Birds of a feather...

Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photography

Isla and I have started a new activity of collecting feathers that we find on our walks to and from school. After we collect enough we will attempt to make our own dream catcher! Yeah....we'll see how that goes! Could be an absolute disaster.

As we were picking up feathers I was struck by how many of them we passed by because they were tattered or dirty or had bits missing. They didn't all make the cut for our dream catcher. I realized just how much each of us are like these feathers. So many of us are tattered and torn. So many of us feel like we never make the cut. But what these feathers have taught me is that despite the look of them, despite the tears and the breaks and the bends, they all had a purpose. These feathers provided a bird with flight. These feathers are just one feather among the many that the bird has.

Each feather helps weave the tapestry of the bird and clothes it in beauty. Just like these birds, you have feathers: beautiful, living, colorful feathers that make you. Some of yours might be tattered, some of yours might be broken but they are YOU. Some of your feathers may not make the cut because they drag you down. You should absolutely lose those ones! Get rid of them! Cut them free! You may have lived through and experienced terrible things but they've helped define your purpose and your journey. Those feathers absolutely served a purpose in your life!

The process of a bird losing and regrowing their feathers is called molting. When a feather is damaged it falls out and the bird grows a new feather to make itself stronger. When a part of our lives is damaged, we repair it and that brings growth that makes us stronger just like a bird (you're learning so much about birds in this post!).

You, my dear, are a bird. We are all birds! Some of our feathers don't deserve to make the cut. But if we let them, they can help us become stronger than we ever thought we could be.

So go! Go spread those wings! Don't be afraid of your tattered, torn and broken feathers because even those cannot stop a bird from soaring!