Today's the Day! - Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photographer

Today's the day! Today's the day I leave to go see my family after ten long weeks! Ten weeks may not seem like much but when you've only ever been away from your daughter for three days at the most during her time here on Earth, it seems like an eternity especially when there was no end date in sight! This journey may not have ended the way that I was hoping for with me moving over to Scotland permanently right now but that's ok. What it means is that we get to be with my family in Virginia for one more Christmas. I get to spend more time with friends here. I get to photograph more beautiful faces here.

Today I leave for Scotland but I will return mid-December. I can only stay for three months on a tourist visa and because I've already been denied a spouse visa I may have to prove at border control that I am intending on leaving at the end of my stay and not trying to overstay my welcome illegally. I am going armed with contracts, a return flight, proof of my business here, proof of other jobs lined up. I'm trying to make it as impossible as possible for them to deny me entry because I for sure AM coming back to the US in December!

After that the plan gets a little murky. Isla will come back to live with me until we officially apply for the visa again around February or March when we will then move over. So everyone in Virginia gets us for at least four more months! Wahoo!

Why is it going to take this long you ask? Here's what happened....When you apply for permanent residency you have to have a sponsor (in this case my husband) prove that they have the financial resources needed above a certain threshold to care for me so that I won't be a burden on the state. We met this threshold with Scott's promised employment there through his dad's business. They were satisfied with that. What they weren't satisfied with was his income here in Virginia over the past year. If you are applying from outside of the country you have to show that you have employment lined up that meets at least the minimum requirement AND you have to show that over the past year you held consistent employment that meets that requirement. We thought that showing my income as well would suffice since it brings us way over the minimum. But, no, I don't count in this. Therefore, Scott's income couldn't meet that requirement because he had cut back his working hours to pursue other avenues in his dream goal of game design (so if any of you need a concept artist, seriously, he's your man!!).

But oooooh well. It is what it is and that's ok! This is all a part of the journey and has long as I'm with my girl I don't care where I am! I am so excited to see them tomorrow! Pray that border control in Scotland doesn't stop me and doesn't even bat an eye at my situation!

Here is my inspiration for the day. Love this so much!

"May new and fresh hope suddenly arise within you.
May the enemy's plan against you backfire as you grow stronger in your trials, not weaker.
May your sturdy grasp of God's promises intimidate the enemy and make him lose heart!
May you find JOY in the heat of the battle, POWER in the promises of God, and PROVISION where you've known lack.
May the things you once knew of God pale in comparison to what you know of Him now.
He makes all things new.
He breaks through.
And He will come through for you.
Soldier on, mighty one! God is with you!
- Susan Larson

How good is that right??!! See you guys on the flip side! <3 <3

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