Icky Faces and the BEST Chocolate Cake Recipe Ever

A couple of days ago we started Milo on solids. How well did that go you ask? Well, I think the proof is in the photos. He was NOT a fan. We aren't baby food people so we started him on avocados and he didn't seem to be too keen. We'll try again and maybe the results will be better. Next up are carrots! I hate carrots but I will tell him that!

And not only did he try foods for the first time, start crawling in the past week, and turn six months all in a very short amount of time, he also had his first sink bath! Now, moms, this is a fantastic way to keep your child busy if you need to make dinner or something else in the kitchen. He loved it! He thought he was pretty amazing and got to see everything I was doing. So if your child is driving you crazy, stick them in the sink. ;)

Aberdeen Scotland UK Family Photographer

And now what you've been waiting for...the BEST chocolate cake EVER! Folks, I've had my fair share of chocolate cake in my day. I love cake is all forms. But this recipe takes the cake (ha ha ha...yes, I went there.). What makes it so good? It has coffee in it which makes it rich and so fluffy. Want the recipe? Yes, I know you do! You can find it here! And definitely use her buttercream recipe too. You will die of happiness! Nom nom nom. (I will not be held accountable for weight gain!)