Wednesday Wonderings - No. 1

A new blog series means a catchy title right? This blog series is pretty much just a reminder for myself on things that cross my mind throughout the day or week that maybe you would find helpful as well! I do not claim to have any wisdom per se or even feel like I have an authority to give advice but maybe my little musings will be amusing.

I love the times when random (or if you're like me, God given) thoughts cross my mind to help me grow. So each Wednesday I'll share some of the little thoughts that cross my mind and my encouragement for your week!

What better day to start with than today, right?!

Wednesday 24th of August Wonderings:

1. Just because you want something, doesn't mean you're ready for it.
(Yep. Preaching to myself here. I really really wanted to move to Scotland at the same time as my family but boy was I not ready. I didn't even realize it at the time though.)
2. Donuts are always a good idea. Especially the cake kind. Nom nom nom.
3. Pray for your friends and bring them coffee.
(We all need a little help through life don't we?)

Have a fantastic week, friends!
Keep Smiling!

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