Moving to Scotland update...Part 2

Well, friends, are you wondering why I'm still in the good old US of A and not in Scotland with my daughter and husband? Yep, me too!! This coming week marks the seventh week since they left for Scotland leaving behind my son and me to wait on my visa to be approved. Geez, has it been a hard journey. It has been one full of tears, anger, frustration but also joy, laughter, and thankfulness. It's been a weird six weeks, I'll tell you that.

To fill you in if you're new here, in April my family and I decided that we would move up projected Spring 2017 move date to July 2016. We had begun dreaming and talking about moving back to Scotland at the end of 2015 but only jokingly. We talked about the dreams we had and the crazy plans we would make if we were in Scotland and all the things we would want to accomplish. Some of them were pretty outlandish. We laid the thought to rest and then one day, while on a walk the top came up again. As my husband and I were talking I suddenly asked, "Are we going to move back?" And thus is all began. We had planned on moving in 2017 but one thing after another led to us deciding that somebody up there wanted us to move now and not wait a whole 'nother year. So in April we decided to take the crazy plunge to move overseas in just three months.

What did that entail? Oh you know, selling everything we own, packing up what we could in suitcases, rehoming our dog and cat, moving in with my mom, apply for my UK visa, apply for a passport for the baby, carry on with my business, save money, collect doctors papers, quit jobs, etc etc. Let's just say, a whole mess of stuff had to happen first.

So we get to the first week of July and I have not heard about my visa. My biometric (fingerprints and photos) appointment was at the end of May and the office in Shefield finally opened my application in the middle of June. Based on terrible information on the website we figured I would be fine and would have my application approved and my passport back in my hands by the time we needed to leave. I mean really, my application should be pretty darn straight forward right since I'm not a criminal? Oh sadly no. I mean yes, my application is straight forward but once you get put into the nasty long queue of other people awaiting their decision (mind you, there are around 5,000 applications made a month and the summer is the busiest and you can get stuck behind someone with a lengthy application) things can drag out pre-tty long.

And then July 7th rolls around. Our moving date. The date that we are all supposed to leave together to begin our journey as a family in a new place. The date that my daughter excitedly looked forward to because she'd get to go on an airplane again and go to this Scotland that she keeps hearing about. The date that we had all been preparing for and even had a good-bye party in honor of. And so it arrives. We take Scott and Isla to the airport and my little family is split in two. We tell ourselves that any day I'll get to go because the website statistics have to be right and the odds are in our favor. One week rolls by....then two...then three...then six. Week after week with no word. Emails are sent trying to obtain updates with the same standard reply that they can't help me and it will happen when it happens. Tear after tear falls from missing my daughter who I've never been away from for more than two days in her life. My son goes from being four months to five and, next week, six without his daddy seeing him learn how to sit up and get onto his knees and walk around the house in his walker. I miss first days of school and the excitement of her experiencing a new place and new sights. Our hearts are full with these new moments but broken at the other of us missing them.

So here I still wait. This coming Thursday marks seven weeks since they left and today marks day 62 since that biometric appointment when the clock starts ticking.

I finally joined a forum today of being going through the same thing I am. So far there are whole heap of people who applied in May that are still waiting. It appears that day 67 (even though 100% are supposed to be decided on by day 60) is the norm but it could still be longer. I did email the helpline a few days ago and they escalated my case since it's been so long and since I played the my-children-need-me card so here's hoping I jump the line. In case you're wondering why I didn't do that sooner...I tried but they won't do anything until at least twelve weeks have passed.

So here's hoping that this coming week is my week and that I can be reunited with my family in a week! Please, God, please. God and I have talked a lot these past weeks. He may be tired of my voice but I am growing ever increasingly more content in His presence and His comfort. These weeks have been hard but I'll take this time with my Father free of distractions.

When I do finally hear, though, I invite you all to come over for a huge ginormous party that I'll be throwing for myself! But until then, keep knocking on Heaven's door, would you? :)