Loving on this beautiful broken world...

Today I came across a quote that I absolutely love: "Making art is an act of love." I have no idea who originally said it. When I read this it hit me that what I do on a daily basis of creating art is my way of loving on this broken world.

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I often get stuck wondering if what I'm doing as a photographer makes any difference whatsoever to the world. There are so many people out there who are on the front lines making a difference every single day and saving the world one little bit at a time. It can often feel that what I'm doing doesn't help anyone.

But then I read this quote. Gosh, guys, this world is hurting. It's hurting a lot. Everyday it's a new story that breaks my heart and I'm weary. So weary. My heart aches. Yet, amidst all the junk in this world I have to remember that we actually live in an exciting time. We live in a time of social change and it's so exciting seeing people come together to fight injustice. It's amazing to see people of so many different backgrounds band together to say no to so many things that have gone unseen for so long. The world can seem so full of bad at the moment but let's look at how this is bringing the world together. What others are meaning for bad is only creating more love and compassion in our hearts.

Aberdeen Scotland UK family photographer

When I see so much bad in the world and fear for my children and my own future, I remember that what I'm doing as an artist is making a difference. It's making a difference in the lives of those that I photograph. I am able to love on that mom, that family, that bride, that child, that grandma, that baby in a way that reflects love and happiness and not sadness and hatred. I get to capture others and show them what others see when they look at them. I get to capture beauty and relationships. I get to share beautiful moments from my own life that might create even a small smile or a chuckle. To me, that's winning. To me, that's spreading love. When I make someone feel amazing about themselves or their family, that feeling will spread to others around them. If I can make a mom feel like super woman, she will reflect that onto her children. If I can make a bride feel beautiful through the way her groom looks at her, she's going to radiate with confidence that will spread around her.

Aberdeen Scotland UK Family Photographer

Friends, everything you do, no matter how small, makes a difference. Every tiny act of kindness and happiness makes a difference.

Keep spreading joy. Keep loving people. Keep reacting with grace. Darkness cannot win if we shine crazy bright.

Love and appreciate you dear friends.

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