Lessons from an eighty year old in a bikini...

The other day I casually drove from my grandparents' house to my mom's house. As I rounded the corner and came up to the stop sign, I looked at the house to my left and noticed a woman riding a lawnmower. But she wasn't dressed like any other 80 something year old woman riding a lawnmower. She was proudly and confidently sporting a bikini. Yes, a full two piece, not at all modest, bikini.

She is my hero.

Mind you, this is no quiet street corner. This is a very busy street that connects streets that are full of neighborhoods. But does she care? Not at all. My mom has seen her too and apparently she also uses a push lawnmower in her bikini too.

Ladies, we should all be like this woman. Maybe we shouldn't wear bikinis for everything we do but we should be confident and love the bodies we have.

This message is totally for myself. So really, I should have written: Kendall, love the body you have. Stop hating on it so much. Stop focusing on the bad and see the beauty. Kendall, you are beautiful!

Right? How many of you need to insert your name into this sentence and start believing it: __________, you are a piece of art and a beautiful, beautiful creation. Do it ladies! Insert your name there and believe it! Because no matter how much you weigh or the flaws that you see or the mean things you say to yourself, nobody judges you like you judge yourself. And if they do, they are just mean mean people who don't matter. Love you for you and all the unique beauty you offer - cellulite and all (oh yes, I've got it). 

Because if a little eighty year old woman can rock that bikini on a riding lawnmower and not give a care in the world, so can you.