No Scotland yet...

13 Days.
24 Days.
3 Days.
56 Days.
6 Days.

Milo 3.jpg

My days are spent waiting and counting...My days are spent watching the hours pass by...My days are spent waking up with excitement and hope in my heart but ending in sadness as yet another day passes by without word of my visa and passport.

It was been 13 days since my husband and daughter left for Scotland without my son and me.
It's been 24 days since they began processing my visa when we thought it had been longer.
It's 3 days until a wedding in Scotland that I was supposed to cover.
It's been 56 days since my passport and application arrived in Sheffield.
It's 6 business days until the 30 day mark when 97% of applications are decided upon.
It's 36 business days away from the absolute maximum time it could take to get my passport back.

I've been praised for my example in patience throughout the whole process and my devotion in seeking God's wisdom and guidance on why I remain here while my family begins our adventure without me. But, friends, make no mistake, I have had my moments of fighting and arguing with God and trying to tell Him how to do His job. Belieeeeeve me.

You're probably sitting there thinking, seriously Kendall, it's only been two weeks since your family left. You're right. I feel slightly pathetic. But it's hard not knowing when you'll get to see them. That it could be two days from now or not for another 6 weeks. God forbid.

But here's what this process has taught me...

1) God is good even when I'm impatient.
2) Worry does not make things happen any faster.
3) This sucky situation is God refining me, breaking me, and molding me to trust Him.
4) God will do what He needs to to get my attention.

If for no other reason, this whole thing has made me totally and completely rely on God. I believe whole-heartedly that He could make my passport appear in the mail today if He wanted to. But He clearly doesn't. What's more important: the instant gratification of getting my prayer answered which lasts until I get to Scotland or the journey of relying on God to get me through this emotional and difficult time which shapes my now and my future?

I can't wait to get to Scotland. I miss my baby girl and my husband and just can't wait for life to start. But each day that goes by is one day closer to getting to see them and for that, I can be patient.

Since I thought that maybe some of you were wondering where I am in the world and anxious to see some gorgeous scenery, this is my update for you! I wish I could say that I'm there already but soon! Soon your feed will be filled with photos of life abroad but for now it is the (im)patient waiting that is each day.

Until then I will hang out with Milo man and dream of what's to come! Stay tuned for more of our journey! Life is never what you think.