Judy {grandmotherhood}

Scotland Family and Motherhood Photographer

When my mom learned that we were moving back to Scotland she of course requested that she have photos taken with her grandkids before we go. It was more of a spur of the moment session where their outfits came together just before heading out the door. But they are going to be my poster children (my mom included) of what you should wear for a session! Their outfits are perfect for the environment and the colors are so cute together! I love the softness. We did a pretty good job with their wardrobe, I'd say. ;)

Aberdeen Scotland UK Family and Motherhood Photographer

This session nearly didn't happen though. Not only were we late heading out the door because, well, children, Isla also fell on our way to the field we were to use which meant that she wanted me to carry her the entire way and decided that she was incapable of walking anymore. Oh dear. But we made it there and the session was everything I had hoped it would be. The weather cooperated, the sun was perfect, my field was perfect, spirits were high and all of them are so photogenic!

I will miss photographing my kiddos and their grandma as often as I do!