Arrans Family

Scotland Family Photographer

This family. This is the second time that I've photographed them and it's such an honor! I knew Denise back when we lived in Egypt together in our Middle School/High School days! I always love reconnecting with people that I knew at various points in my life and seeing them grow up, get married, have jobs, have babies. It's so fun to see where we all end up and how grown up we all are! Can't believe we're pushing thirty! Say it ain't so.

Aberdeen Scotland UK Family Photographer

For their first session I drove up to them in DC but this time they came all the way down to little old Richmond. I chose Pony Pasture for our location because it's just perfect. Trees, water, creeks, name it. And I even convinced them to play in the water a little bit. Boy did this help cool us down on this incredibly hot day. Yes, I even brought a sweat towel. I kid you not.

I'm so sad that I'm moving away because I'm going to miss photographing them but I hope that whenever I visit we can make this a recurring tradition!