Natalie {motherhood}

Scotland Family and Motherhood Photographer  

This is one of my favorite sessions to date. When you think motherhood session, you might think of a mom with her children with beautiful scenery. When I think motherhood session, I think bubble baths with babies, making mud pies in the yard, painting. When I think of motherhood I think of messes and laughter and fun. 

Aberdeen Scotland UK Family and Motherhood Photographer

Natalie and her babies totally delivered in this perfect bathtub session! One of the most intimate and beautiful moments you can have with your babies is bathing with them. I adore every single one of these images because they remind me of the moments I have with my own kids. The splashing. The bubbles. The messy floor. The towel cuddles. 

When you plan your own motherhood session don't be afraid to dream of a session that is uniquely yours and uniquely captures your family. This session was a dream and I'm so excited to share it with you!