Leah {motherhood}

Scotland Family and Motherhood Photographer

This girl and her crazy boy. I adored photographing them. These two are each others' world and it was so obvious how much this little boy loves his mom. One of the things that I love about motherhood sessions so much is how I'm able to capture moments between a mom and her children that she wouldn't otherwise have. I get to capture all of those cuddly moments and all of the genuine laughter. These are moments that you can try to capture yourself with your phone but the magic just isn't the same.

Aberdeen Scotland Uk Family and Motherhood Photographer

My goal with every motherhood session is to make my moms feel totally beautiful and to capture photos of their children that they can't achieve themselves. Leah told me that she can't ever capture any normal photos of her son and that even his school photo shows the clown side of him! Well, I'd say I delivered! Not to toot my own horn. ;) I think he looks so handsome and those eyes pull me right into his photos.

Love this sweet session and hope you do too!