Erin {motherhood}

Scotland Family and Motherhood Photographer

Y'all. This session. I die. It is so perfect! Everything from the light, the adorable kitchen, these cute kids and the colors. I had so much fun capturing this sweet lemonade making session with Erin and her kiddos!

Aberdeen Scotland Uk Family and Motherhood Photographer

Not every motherhood session has to look alike! If you want to make lemonade during your session, you do that! If you want to sit on the porch drinking sweet tea with your kids, do it! Your session is made of whatever speaks to you and captures the essence of your family.

For Erin's sweet family, it's the stickiness of spilled sugar and the mayhem of trying to make lemonade with three kids. It's the laughter as one (or all) of them steal drinks from the jug before it's even finished. It's the mischievous little hands that want to grab the ice cubes floating at the top. But despite the loudness and the chaos, what are left are images and moments captured that show the fun and this special time with mom.

This session is real. No moments were orchestrated or created by me. Every moment that you see happened on its own with no help from me. I was just there to capture the moments in a way that is beautiful and heart felt.

Enjoy following along with their lemonade making fun!