Raw mama moments

Guys, I'm not always as patient as I should be. I take my children for granted so often and usually get annoyed by the incessant questions asked by my three year old. But it's usually not even that I'm annoyed that she's asking me a question but rather that that I can't always understand what she's saying. She wants so badly to communicate with me and I often brush off her questions as trivial. It's not until I get to the end of the day that my heart breaks over the questions that went unanswered or the frustrated ways that I speak to her. My heat breaks knowing that I didn't live that day taking in every precious second and now they are asleep and all I want to do is cuddle them and tell them I love them. Oh, how my heart aches.  

These are the raw moments of motherhood, are they not? It's such a wonderful and painful journey. It's in these moments at the end of the day that I'm constantly reminded of how much I have to learn. How much I need to look to my children as an example of slow living and earnest wonderment. It's a reminder of how impatient I still am when I start thinking I've reached the next level of patience.  

My goal for every day (and I would be so happy for you to keep me accountable to this!) is to see the bombardment of questions and attention seeking moments not as another interruption but as one of the sole reasons for my existence that day. If I am to raise up my children to be examples for the next generation I want (NEED) them to continue to experience each day with excitement and shining eyes and not a feeling of nonchalance caused by my dismissal. 

Sigh. It's a tall order and one that does not come naturally. Are you in the same boat as me? If so, I hear you and I feel you. But today, let's make a pact of motherhood to embrace every question and topic with excitement knowing that we are building up a child with confidence in their discoveries and a joy for learning. May our children never feel that they are inconveniencing the world.