Superhero Firefighter Mommy

"I'm a superhero firefighter mommy!"

This little phrase melts my heart.

"I want to be like you, Mommy."

This little phrase makes me cry.

Aberdeen Scotland UK Family Photographer

My daughter has a much bigger view of me than I do of myself. But, she's right. I AM a superhero firefighter mommy. All day long I am the hero to my daughter who looks up at me with expectant eyes to put the dress back on her doll or grab the snack that's too high for her. I fight her fires when she's sad because she skinned her knee yet again or is angry because she can't get the dress on her doll by herself. And I am a mommy full of hugs and kisses and tickles. So, yes, I am a superhero firefighter mommy!

Oh, moms, that job title is no joke. That's a tall order for anyone to accomplish. But we do it every day and even when we think we're failing, our kids tell us they want to be like us when they grow up and see us the way we should be seeing ourselves. 

So maybe, just maybe, we're not doing such a terrible job after all. And maybe, just maybe, we need to grant ourselves grace upon grace upon grace because even superheroes can't be perfect all of the time. 

So, moms, keep on saving and fighting and hugging because you're doing a fantastic and amazing job!