7 Family Photo Outfit Tips You Need to Know!

Scotland Family and Motherhood Photographer

Every session I have, I always receive comments about how choosing an outfit is one of the hardest parts of getting ready for the day! One person is hard enough to clothe but then add in a whole family and it gets complicated reeeeeeally fast! So here are the top things I want you to remember when choosing what to wear.

Aberdeen UK Scotland Family Photographer

1. First and foremost, how you feel about what you're wearing shows in your photos.
Choose an outfit that makes YOU (as the fiancee, mom, wife, girlfriend, grandma, woman) feel truly beautiful. When you feel your best, you look your best. When you feel beautiful your face and body language show it. Instead of trying to hide yourself in the photos or acting self-consciously you are free to focus on loving your family. You don't want your outfit to distract you from the moments that matter. Trust me, it shows!

2. It's never a good idea to clothe the kids first.
Once you've chosen the outfit that you want to wear, then clothe your family. Don't clothe your children first and then decide what you will wear. It is so much easier to make kids look adorable in anything you buy than it is to make yourself feel good in an outfit that you only choose because it matches them. Choose YOU first!

3. I am always willing to go shopping with you!
Take me shopping! I'm not even kidding! I know how to clothe body types. I know how to be honest with you about what looks good because, at the end of the day, I want you to have those photos you dream of. I know what outfits work for my style of photos and what will work with the vision I have for you. So, seriously, ask me to come shopping with you!

Aberdeen UK Scotland Family Photographer

4. Neon colors do no one justice!
DO NOT choose neon colors. Stay away from bright red, neon orange, neon green, or any other color that is bright. It will reflect onto your face which never looks good. And it just doesn't photograph well.

5. Those body parts you self conscious of, don't show them.
Hide what you don't want seen. If you are self-conscious of your arms, choose an outfit that hides them so that you won't focus on them. If you feel self-conscious of your stomach, choose a flowy top or a top with a belt so that it accentuates a waistline. If you are self-conscious of your legs, don't choose shorts or skin tight jeans: wear a dress. We may not see the flaws you feel are there but if you choose an outfit that flaunts what you don't want flaunted, you will not feel comfortable during your photos.

6. I am so happy when my clients send me outfit choices!
Send me photos! Send me photos of what you are thinking of wearing and I will provide direction. Use me as your photographer as a resource. I know what I like to see in photos and I know how to make you feel as beautiful as you are.

Aberdeen UK Scotland Family Photographer

7. Stick to 1-3 colors and a pop color. And no more than one loud pattern and a muted pattern.
Be as minimal as possible. For example, for my own family photos recently my sister bought a beautiful dress that was white, navy, pink, and teal. I wore a navy dress, my sister wore a light pink dress, and my mom wore white. The men in the family wore jeans with basic button up shirts that were either white, white with a tiny print, or navy. My daughter wore a white dress with a teal and pink print and my son wore jeans and a navy button up. The color combination turned out GORGEOUS.

I hope these handy little tips were helpful as you decide on outfits for your own family photos! I know it can be a daunting process but if you can include your photographer as much as possible in the decision making your photos will turn out so much better! If you don't feel like you have an eye for coordinating outfits, that's ok! We do!

Aberdeen UK Scotland Family Photographer