Praise Jesus! We have banana chocolate chip muffins!

Guys, life is just amazing right now! This blog post is for nothing other than some praises about some wonderful things happening right now and to share some uber cute photos of my kids because I can and because when you have amazing natural light first thing in the morning you have to take photos and share them. :)

1. Our cat has been missing since Wednesday...last night she found her way home!! Yay!
2. I accomplished my running goal last night! My goal was to run 30 minutes continuously which I have NEVER been able to do and didn't think I could! Well, I did and could have kept running had it not been 10:30 at night! Another yay!
3. I made banana chocolate chip muffins. Not really an accomplishment but yay for yummy food!
4. Everything is working out so smoothly for our move! The kids' British passports have been applied for and on Tuesday I apply for my UK visa and pray that it gets back to me in time!

Maybe you're having a bad day today. Maybe you're bummed about yet another day of rain. But try to find that one good thing about your day even if it is just a banana chocolate chip muffin!